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Break - Live @ Ozark Actors Theatre
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A group of bandmates in a guitar studio.
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“Can I show you a song I wrote?” and a band was born. The Feverfew is a new name, but the songs have been a work in progress for a couple years. “I would bring in songs I wrote, and share them with August, then he would add instrumentation. We worked through a couple and it was really exciting seeing them come to life,” says lead singer/songwriter, Paige Fairbairn. It didn’t take long for the duo to decide to become a full band. “We really wanted to perform the songs live. It is such an amazing feeling, creating something from scratch, and then seeing an audience enjoy it.” Finding two other band members ended up being a fateful journey. Coming from small towns - the group found they had been circling each other in different facets of life for years. With a blend of Indie/Alt & a pinch of Classic Rock, The Feverfew creates a powerful dynamic that has something for everyone. 

paige fairbairn - vocals/guitar

august rolufs - drums/vocals

jason adams - lead guitar

jared copeland - bass

Photo By: Kaitlin Mace


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